Our company was conceptualized in a small apartment in Asia. Previously, we had toured a factory where safe and unique candles made of wax were being manufactured. The idea of marketing these candles in the U.S. was a hit with our group, and thus our company was born. We now continue with our mission to set the mood for your wedding or restaurant while offering drastic cost savings over conventional candles for clients concerned with safety. Our candles comply with ever-increasing city fire codes for use of traditional wax candles.

When you order our flameless candles, you enjoy long-lasting candles for less! Our location offers great products for your café, bar, restaurant or hotel/resort. How much do you spend on candles each year? When you order our flameless wax candles, you enjoy long-lasting decor for less! Each candle lasts up to a year guaranteed…no fire risk, no wax dripping and no toxic fumes.

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Set The Mood!

The Amazing Grace Candle Company offers flameless candles made from a special type of wax for the most realistic appearance on the market today. These candles are sold at great affordable prices so you pay less for high-quality products that last longer than ever!

Pictured Alex Wu | Chief Operations Office

Grace Huang | CEO

Matt Senneff | President